Dieting is far too often approached from the mindset of impending failure. Too many people have tried and failed so many diets in their past that they try the next new diet with the absolute knowledge that they will fail in this attempt as well. Guess what? They will.

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Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or think you can’t you will always be right.” If you think you are going to fail at this diet you are dooming yourself to failure before you even deprive yourself of…

The best thing about marriage is sharing. This will be the answer of most successful married couples if you ask them about the romance in marriage. Both can enjoy the romance even if only one initiates sharing. Romance is an activity that cannot work without the participation of both. Sharing is really very important in a relationship.

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If you have decided that romance will keep your marriage alive, and if you want to improve the romance on your marriage, you need to work on this part of your relationship. …

It’s every Internet marketers dream of becoming what is classed in the industry as a Super Affiliate. To be classed as one, you need to have an enormous downline the size of Texas. I just thought I’d use that for illustration purposes because you do need quite a large base of affiliates underneath you.

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For those of you that have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain. An affiliate is someone that sells or promotes another persons website or product and gets paid a commission for…

From this moment on, choose not to let your past dictate your future. What is gone is gone — forever. Now is the time to move on, to do and become what you want: to be the best in any area that you choose, so you may design your own destiny.


Here are a few helpful suggestions that you may take on board, and below you will find a couple of simple tips that can quickly move you in the direction of manifesting your destiny to accomplish many great things in your…

Many of us are upset and frustrated with our current jobs. The low pay and sense of being undervalued drive many of us to dream of our own businesses. However, the costs combines with the risk factors stops most of us in our tracks. Affiliate marketing is a way for people to work for themselves with no risk. There is no cost to you and you’re paid on performance. However, today one has to be careful. There are plenty of scammers and con artists out there that are more than happy to take you money and hard work off of…

The ideal world of affiliate marketing does not require having your won website, dealing with customers, refunds, product development and maintenance. This is one of the easiest ways of launching into an online business and earning more profits.


Assuming you are already into an affiliate program, what would be the next thing you would want to do? Double, or even triple, your commissions, right? How do you do that?

Here are some powerful tips on how to boost your affiliate program commissions overnight.

1. Know the best program and products…

As good as modern medical technology is, it can never save you from the problems caused by a life style that is unhealthy. Instead of getting a modern medical fix for every problem, it is far better to live in such a way that you will hardly ever fall ill.

An ounce of prevention is certainly better than a pound of cure. Here are seven tips on how to live a long and healthy life. In addition, the same life style that helps you to avoid illness also helps you to lose weight.


A few good relaxation techniques can save your life, because stress is more than just unpleasant. It’s also dangerous to your health. Disciplined practices such as meditation can help relieve that stress, but what if you don’t have the time or motivation? Maybe you need to try a few of these simple ways to relax.

1. Hug someone. Giving a hug means getting one. As long as it’s from somebody you don’t mind hugging you, this really can be relaxing.

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2. Interrupt routines. Go talk to that guy sleeping on the bench, or eat…

Try these simple mental exercises to train your brain to accept and even like change.

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Change is inevitable. Accepting it — and learning to anticipate it — is not, and understanding that is a major mental hurdle for entrepreneurs as their businesses, customers and market shift over time.

But you can actually train your brain to get better at handling change through some simple mental exercises, from imagining your company’s demise to learning how to meditate. It’s not always pleasant, but it is possible. Here, 12 entrepreneurs from YEC share their favorite ways to force a mindset shift.

1. Learn to meditate.

Your mindset is a muscle that can be strengthen and improved upon. One way to…

If you want to learn the true art of mind power then it is of the greatest importance you understand two functions of your mind, and also how they interact with each other

You only possess one mind, but it has two totally different functions — and the names generally used to distinguish these two different functions are as follows.

1, The Conscious Mind
2, The Subconscious Mind

There are many other terms used. But the two listed above, are the ones used most to represent the two main functions of your mind.

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My goal here is to assist those new to affiliate marketing and provide a place to go to find answers to common problems and provide opprotunities to grow.

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